Is it possible to change the default properties of a joint?

Hi there,

is it possible to change the default vel/acc/dec of a joint? Usually they are at 100/500/500 upon creating a new link. However, since im using a lot of pneumatic cylinders, I’d rather have those values to be 1000/5000/5000 so I dont have to change them manually every time.

I havent found any setting in the options window. Is there maybe an INI file or soething similar anywhere?


I don’t think there is a way to change the defaults. I guess you could create a helper Python command or something to reset to those quickly.


Try script (1.3 KB)

Extract them in My Commands folder (path like C:\Users\user123\Documents\Visual Components\4.4\My Commands)

After restart Visual Components button will be appear in Modeling tab, section Structure (see picture)


Initial values may be changed in file (lines 17-22)


Hi @VcDigger
that worked like a charm, many thanks :slight_smile: