Is it possible to access component properties within process modelling?

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lets say I have a component which has a process executor. In this component are some component properties similar to Name, Material.
Is it possible to somehow access these properties in process modelling without the statement “GetPropertie” because I am in the same component?

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For products that are handled by the process executor you can use expressions with the dot notation. Process Statements

For the component that contains the process executor behavior I think you must use the Get Property statement to “load” that property into the process executor.

Note that you can also create process executor variables. Using Process Variables

Hi Este and thanks for the answer.

I was hoping that there is a possibility with the dot notation to also get access to the properties within the component.
For some reason I have the feeling when I have a lot of “GetProperty” actions in a process node it kinda makes the simulation slow, thats why I asked.