Dear VC Developers,

Could you update the IRB360 in eCat. I found this model in eCat is not exactly related with the ABB robot datasheet.

I urgently need to use them for simulation!

Thanks in advance!

Datasheet-IRB360-EN.pdf (899 KB)



Thanks for reporting. I checked and updated the work envelope position in Z-direction and now it should match the datasheet. Updated model should be in ecat in half an hour.


Hi KiKi,

Thanks for your quickly reply. Besides, I also use the two types of robot IRB360-8-1130 and IRB360-6-1600. But the work envelope isn’t right for IRB360-8 and the IRB360-6 mode doesn’t exist.

It would be very helpful if you can update this two models.

And If possible, could you share this two models in the forum, because I use the 4.0 now, and the eCatalog maybe not update in time.

Thanks very much in advance.