Introducing Visual Components Experience Web

Hey everyone,

We’re excited to reveal an addition to our VC Experience portfolio: Visual Components Experience Web.

What is VCE Web? With VCE Web, you can embed interactive simulations into your website, allowing visitors to actively engage with what you do. It’s especially effective in presenting complex solutions and systems through high-quality visuals. By integrating these features directly into your site, VCE Web simplifies and enhances the demonstration of your offerings’ value.

Find out more about VCE Web: Visual Components Experience Web - Visual Components

Check out the user guide to see how it works:

Get in contact with us or reach out to your VC representative to learn how to get started with VCE Web.

Please note: VCE Web requires a separate VCE Web license, a Visual Components license, and an existing web domain.


A black canvas appears where a Iframe must appears on my Mozilla Firefox browser, version 120.0(64-bit)

Hey BSAuto,

Thanks for letting us know!

Is the viewer visible after a hard refresh of the page? Ctrl+ Shift + R.

We have noticed that clearing your cache should get it to work. Please let us know if the problem persists.

In the example, an animation is used to be shown in the web.
Is it also possible to show a live simulation?

Hey avalboom,

Welcome to VC Forum!
It is not possible to show live simulations on the VC Experience Web. VC Experience Web can only showcase animation files (VCAX)


Is there another way to show live simulations in e web environment?
Or will it ever be available using VC Experience Web? if so, what’s the timeline on it?

You could use OBS + YouTube


After forced page refresh now it’s works.