Introducing Visual Components Experience 1.2!

We’ve made a number of performance and rendering improvements in this newest release, which now also supports Samsung Gear VR.

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Visual Components Experience Guide:


Could you please let me know how can I use the Samsung Gear VR for the Visual Experience?

I did not found any relevant information in the guide.



The guide tells you to refer to Samsung Gear VR on how to use it as well as install and run apps. It can’t explain everything, which is why there is a Forum.

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How to use the product -->

Installing the app

  • Samsung phone
  • Download Visual Components Experience from Google Play on that phone
Note that Experience is not listed in the Oculus Store. That means you will either need to use a package disabler, try sideloading, or disable the Oculus Store service in order to run VC Experience.

Keep in mind that Oculus Store apps are tailored for the Gear VR, whereas other apps might be distorted when used in that device. I have heard from field tests that the quality of Experience in Gear VR is lacking. However, a few folks are using Gear VR, so maybe they will share their knowledge and answer your question.

I tried it with several different apps, but it seems it will not work without rooting my phone.
Do you know it is planned to be VCE in the Oculus store?