Introducing Visual Components 4.6

Hey all!

We’re excited to introduce Visual Components 4.6 - building on the foundations of our software, providing an updated toolkit for a richer user experience when it comes to virtual commissioning and production flow design.

New features include:

  • ABB Robot Connectivity (Available in Visual Components Premium)
  • FBX Exporter (Available in Visual Components Premium)
  • Enhancements to Process Modeling (Available in Visual Components Essentials and above)
  • and more…

Check out our latest blog post, release video, and release notes for more details.

The presentation deck regarding the release will also be added to the marketing material in the Partners Section. We’ll keep updating the academy with new tutorials for the latest features.



when I try to upgrade our licenses we get the error: Product key cannot be renewed until 1.12.2022. :frowning:


Please don’t hesitate to contact the VC technical support at If there are any issues with the update process :slight_smile:

I was told that the new Experience version is slightly delayed and that it will be available shortly.

There’s a bug in the 3d file translator. JT files do not import like they used to in other versions.

Sorry to hear that there are issues.
Could you contact and send them details about the issue and possibly the JT file that does not import properly?