Introducing Visual Components 4.4!

Introducing Visual Components 4.4 with exciting new features like connection to Fanuc Robots, CAD Attribute Reader, and much more that helps with visualizing digital twins, virtual commissioning, robot programming, connectivity tasks, and more. We’re also launching the latest Visual Components Experience with Immersive VR, Measuring tools, Adaptive Controls, Point Cloud Support, and more. Check out our latest blog on this with video and release notes for more details!

A new presentation and brochure are added to the marketing material in the Partners Section.



when this will be released?


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by " Introducing Visual Components 4.4" there is an info, that Fanuc can be connected to VC 4.4.
How does this work?
I tried this in VC 4.4 professional but did not find any posibility.
Will there be any “how to” guide.

The Fanuc robot plugin is only available in VC Premium. There should be an Academy tutorial released shortly.