Interpolating Transport problem with part's coordination


I am encountering a confusing problem regarding the Interpolating Transport (you can check it in pictures below, sorry I cannot upload the video here). For some reasons, I have to use 2 conveyors to transport the pallet and I cannot use Conveyor Transport type (maybe because it is not the same conveyor). I change to Interpolating Transport and it makes the pallet swirling around to align the coordinate on the destination conveyor. It is basically okay as it does not affect the whole process but it is looking uncomfortable and not realistic. Are there any alternatives to the transport type like this or any things I can do to fix or modify this transport type?

Hi @thanhh019,

You could use a “Crossing Conveyor” to move the pallet in a right-angled way.

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Thank you for your information. I am trying it but I do not know why does it stuck at the back of the conveyor though I set the route to “Front to Back”, in Cyclic rule and Fixed rule.

it doesn’t look like the crossing conveyor is connected as the PnP arrow (the ones that look like yellow triangles) do not signal that. Figure 1 shows this. If you’re using standard conveyors, they do not have interface from the side, only on the front and on the back so that crossing conveyor is in “wrong” position.

Figure 1 ,notice how some of those triangles are now green, signaling an attached and recognized PnP.

This is also most likely the reason why conveyor transport in your initial layout did not work but the interpolating does.