Inductive Sensor


Is it possible to add a “metallic” piece to my Physics object that could trigger this inductive sensor? I’ve thought of multiple ideas but cant come up with a good solution…

Anyone got a good idea?

I think you could model those pieces as a separate attached components and use the normal sensor behaviors.

If you model those as separate nodes or features, you could use vcApplication.rayCast method which gives you the hit node and feature information. Raycasting would be relatively slow.

Is it possible that you could be a little bit more specific? I tried using the following example from the manual but it just replies “None”:
Initially i created a “Link1” in the object and added the model to that part as thats how i understood it :slight_smile:

Example. Raycast intersection test

from vcScript import *

import vcVector

import vcMatrix

#start by creating a new component with one Block feature (use default values)

#create a new link to exclude in the test

app = getApplication()

comp = getComponent()

node = comp.findNode('Link1')

m =

startposition =,50,50)

m.P = startposition

test = app.rayCast(m, 50.0,node,True)

print test