Indexing table issues

Hey guys,

Could you please help me out with those 2 questions/problems described below. While designing the layout for a simply pick and place process using the indexing table, I was facing two situations which I can’t solve.


I need to place up to six different parts on those horns (each process step some parts will be added). This ain’t a problem, but merging all six parts to one after the last process step is. Considering this situation I want to pick the assembled new object as one part after the last step with a robot and place it on a conveyor. Trying to find different ways to solve it were not successful.

While trying to pick the object after the last process step, the robot performing this task lift up the whole table including all parts and the table itself. I guess this problem is a follow up error of the first question.

Additional question:

Somehow the signal of my indexing table doesn’t seem to work. Do I need to add an object in the subgroup of “works” or something like that ?

Many thanks in advance

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