Indexing Table help

hey there,
Is there tutorial or material to programming an indexing table? or could anyone provide help an example that would be off great help

Basic idea of the indexing table is to send a IndexSignal when you want to rotate it.
You can use logic gates like AND to combine multiple signals.

Simple example attached:
Index_example.vcmx (590.8 KB)

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Hey @Este do i connect the logic gate to the robot or indexing table?

Ideally both.
Specifics depend on what you are looking to accomplish.

Hey @Este below shows my layout, I am trying to get a robot to pick parts to be placed on and indexing table for a process then i need to lift those products once it has done a full rotation to place on a conveyor to be replaced then the need one to be lifted and placed in the same pattern and so on and so fourth

Part is placed in the indexing table origin point trying to offset placement to be on one of the arms not sure if i am going the right way about it