Indexing Conveyors

Currently the VC model I am using consist of a conveyor and a box feeder. This is just a test model since I plan on using this concept (if it works) in a bigger VC assembly model.
The question I want to ask is if there’s a way in which I can achieve an indexing motion for my conveyor.
Some critical conditions being:
The cycle time has to be 9 s and the distance between the 2 boxes has to be 24 inches.
I did try a variety of combination of sensors and robots but haven’t been able to get the indexing conveyor to work.
Any kind of notes or tips would really be helpful and very much appreciated.

Thank You

You could use the Carrier Indexing Conveyor from the PM Flow Components folder in Visual Components 4.4.

Simple example attached.
Index_example.vcmx (279.8 KB)