Index Conveyor Problems

I’m trying to use an index conveyor to transfer parts to a robot which then transfer to another index conveyor. The robot will pick the part and transfer it but it will skip my “weld” process node statements and I was wondering if anyone knew what the issue is. I will attach a copy of my model. Thanks
IndexConveyor.vcmx (324.9 KB)

Hello jmoney,
I’m sorry that I don’t use the Process function very often, and I can’t give you a more reasonable answer, but in fact, after using weld again in the middle, the whole program runs normally.

I added a weld robot with a “runrobotroutine” statement to show a little better what is going on. Before I had a delay statement of 60 seconds in the “weld” process node and it stays on transportin and never uses the delay, basically it will transport the part but it will never actually use the “weld” process node. I attached my updated sim. Thank you
IndexConveyorwithWR.vcmx (420.8 KB)