Improved charging features in eCat 4.8

There are three new updates for charging capabilities of AMR, AGV and Forklift:

  1. Item 26600: Prioritize Charging locations

    • Power::ChargerPriority option added. Can Nearest or Global Priority Order for all resources in defined TC or Local Priority Order defined for one resource. Power::ChargerPriorityOrder accept only charging stations (comp.Charger=True) and connects the stations automatically if not already connected.
  2. Item 24775: Do not charge in place, but wait for charging station released

    • If resource needs to be charged and no charging stations are available, user can now define Power::OnLowBattery to wait in place or move to wait at idle station. Also indication of Power::LowBattery as read-only property has been added.
  3. Item 20555: Go charging while on idle when a charging location is released

    • Resource gets notification when the charging location is released.


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