Importing STP file

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I have a larger STP file that opens fine in other 3-D program (viewer or editor) but when i import it to VC it is missing half of all the components!
I have verified this by attempting to open it in another piece of software and there it opens just fine and all the components are included!

So my question is, is there some limitations to an imported STP file?

I’ve discovered that it has something to do with the fact that i exported VC componenets into Inventor and then exported them back into VC… This caused the files to be written as “MESH” data which apparently cannot be imported…
Does anyone have a good aproach how to export from VC → Inventor → VC?

I’ve contacted support but havent heard from them yet…

I’ve found the issue…
Its due to the fact that the STP file had MESH data… This is not compatible for import!


VC is very robust when inhaling CAD Data.
Which specification has your stp?


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