Importing projects created via KUKA SimPro

In relation with the announced KUKA OLP functionality in the latest version, will it be possible to import a projects created by KUKA SimPro 3.1x and later ?

The earlier version 4.4 failed to load the program part.

That is something I would also be interested in. And more specifically how exactly does it work to import exportet File from the Robot directly?

KUKA sim and VC use the same file format, so you can open files made in KUKA sim also in VC. However, before VC had the KUKA OLP feature, the robot program would not load.

Now with VC 4.5 Premium there is KUKA OLP functionality, and when you open a file made in KUKA sim, you will also get the robot program. However, this only works with files made in KUKA sim 4.X, as the older format is no longer supported.

Este thanks for the detailed explanation,

However, the possibility remains that this difficulty can be overcome with the intermediate conversion of files from KUKA Sim 3.1x to Sim 4.x and then to VC 4.5 OLP.

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