Importing Personal Robot Methods

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I would like to know which option would be better for uploading my own robot into to VC. I know that you can submit your CAD/STEP files to VC experts and with additional information they can integrate the robot into the eCatalog as a AGV, but I want to refrain from doing this as much as possible for security reasons.

So, if any of you have done this in the past please advise on what is the best option and/or any drawbacks or benefits from either options.


The current options I know about are:

A: Import the STEP file in the modeling tab so it becomes a new component

B: Modify the generic AGV to resemble my robot

The problem I see with option A is how would I let the program know that my component is an AGV (in other words, how do I add AGV properties to my component?)

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One solution could be that user existing generic AGV component, modify that to match Your robot (like speeds, load location etc.) and then replace the generic AGV geometry with Your custom robot geometry.

  1. Clean CAD model, import CAD to VC and add materials to your model
  2. Collapse the geometry to one feature in modelling tab
  3. Copy paste that geometry to generic AGV model, remove existing AGV model feature
  4. save as new component to Yout eCat.
Hope this helps.

Great, that worked perfect!