Importing KRL into KUKA.Sim [ Cannot find ISMESSAGESET function ]


I am trying to import an old KUKA KRL project into the simulation software. I am running the simulation with a base calibration program, but get an error in the output log as below

KR 180 R3500 ultra K (integrated): The function 'ISMESSAGESET' could not be found.

Can anyone with either KUKA.Sim/Visual Components or KRL experience please share how to fix the error.


Hey, what KSS Version are you using in the old KRL project?
If its older than the KSS 8.5.3 then KUKA.Sim / VC wont run it.
If its more recent, then you have to select the according KSS version in File > Options > General > Machine data service > Controller version.
Or you need to take out the “older” statements before running it, eg. just run the PTP and LIN movements with the points from the .dat file.

Hi Chris

Thanks for your reply
Where can I find the KSS version of the KRL project?

In KUKA.Sim you can find it here

Or by clicking on the controller in the simulation