Importing Inventor files with parameters

Is this software capable of importing Autodesk Inventor files with their parameters?
Geometry I presume it imports fine, but since I already have my own library on Inventor I am wondering if VC is capable of migrating this library with minimal effort/time wasted.

Generally import is only for mesh geometries and their structure with names and such but not much else.

Have you tested and are you 100% sure of this?
On the supported cad files list it mentions .ipt .iam files. What would be the point of reading ipt / iam if they dont use the additional data from Inventor?

Could you check how far the import feature goes with a simple parameter driven .ipt file for example?
This could be a deal breaker/maker.

I have not tested anything. You could contact VC sales if you need more detailed info about capabilities of the software to drive purchase decisions.