Importing geometry sometimes fails

When creating my own component, I have to import the roadless actuator geometry provided by the manufacturer. At the root of the component tree, I add the “geometry” attribute, then specify the location of the geometry file in the Uri field. The geometry is seamlessly imported and visualized at this step (as seen in the picture).

Then I save the new component in the My Models folder and later when I decide to use this component in a new project dragging it from the catalog, it fails to load with the following error message:

Reading geometry file: …\My Models\NewComponent.vcmx#cxs2m16-125_0_0_.stp
Unrecognized geometry format

The geometry file is attached below and the VC version is 4.8
[CXS2M16-125]-[STEP-2.14].zip (32.9 KB)

I would recommend to just use the geometry import command and remember to save your layouts with “Include components” enabled. Directly linking geometry files like that seems error prone.

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Thanks TSy,

Proposed approach works well.

Short update from this morning,

for VC 4.7, both approaches works well.