Importing CATPRODUCT Files

I was not able to import CATPRODUCT Files in my VC even tho it says in the Help Guide that it is possible. CATPart files are no problem just the CATProduct, Is there any explanation?

Hey VCN,

Can you share the file you tried to import into VC?

No, I am sorry, because it is confidential. But a colleague tried it as well and it did not work on his VC as well

What version of VC are you using? the support for CATProduct wasn’t in some of the older versions if I recall correctly. Can you open any other CATProduct file?

No, sadly also other CATProduct-Files dont open. I have the Premium 4.4 Version

That is odd, you could try to ask at this point. Alternatively you could try to send a simple CATProduct file here and I’ll try to open it. If I can’t open it I could try to download a CATProduct file from some other site and test it again. If that also does not work it is most likely a bug or help file needs to be updated.