Import geometry from neutral file format


I want to import geometry from neutral file format, when do that I’m getting texture failure issues.

Entire file show as single color, Can someone help me to solve this issue?

Please see attached image FYI.Textures issue


How are you importing the CAD file?

For example, depending on the file format it might just import the geometry.

However, if you use the Geometry Import command, you have the options of including Materials and Textures.

In order for those options to work, the reader must be able to read that data from file, so with some file formats you might not be able to import materials nor textures. For example, you will notice some differences when importing 3DS or OBJ file versus a SLDASM file.

But the CAD gurus most likely can tell you if it is a bug or not.

Hi zesty,

thanks for your reply, I used file format of .STEP and .std

Also Textures check box was on while importing the geometry.


Best guess, your CAD is STEP AP203.

Try to export CAD in STEP AP214 format.

Can you share the file?

do you need modeling feature in order to import 3D objects from .dwg?

played with settings on import geometry in essentials v.4.1.2 and could not get a verified 3d .dwg file to retain third dimension once imported.