Import ABB Robot Program to VC

I now have a ABB robot program files (mod), the robot’s motion, linear motion program to import, I tried to not have a problem, but there have a lot of logic, pickle involve the input and output, I now want to import the application in VC, how should i do?


Have you tried using the Pre-Processor addon?

I have tried this. There is no problem with the path import and export, but there are a lot of I/O signals in it, so it cannot be imported directly. Is there a good solution for this?

For importing you can modify the mapping on on lines 72 and 73.

In ABB you have signal aliases such as doProcessOn but on VC IOs are only ports as integers. And you can define a mapping so for example ‘doProcessOn’:17 means that doProcessOn on RAPID module will be imported as output port 17 in VC model. So those mappings in the python source are dictionaries and the syntax for string:integer dictionary is is like this:

my_dict = { 'key1':1, 'key2':2, 'key3':3 }

For exporting wit hour post-processor there’ no mapping feature like this at the moment but all signals are written as ‘do’/‘di’ + port. So ‘do17’ for example for VC output 17. You should manually replace those aliases on RAPID editor in RobotStudio.