IGUS Robot positioner

Hi together,

I want to have a robot attached to a 7th axis picking and placing something. With the generic servo track from VC everything works fine, I attached the generic servo track to the robot controller and the robot to the gerneric servo track.

  1. The position of the robot is really strange when the servo track moves from a to b. How can I adjust the position that the robot goes to when the track moves?

  2. Since I am having in real the IGUS Drylin Servo Axis I thought it would be nice to have that implemented also in the simulation. However I cannot attach the axis to the robot controller. Does anybody know how to solve this?

Thank you very much and best regards!

Check the property “RobotJointsOnMove” in Robot Transport Controller:


it seems that the IGUS Drylin Servo Axis has no manager interface

Interface has now been added.

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