If the location is found through VCID

I am setting up a large scene, but do not know when the error of adding a file, so that it always reminds the error, but because there are a lot of models, how to quickly locate the wrong file and delete it?

One approach would be to make a small python script and loop through each component in your layout. Something like this:

from vcScript import *

app = getApplication()
components = app.Components
for c in components:
  if c.VCID == "8834d81c-bfab-483f-991a-0862f76efdb8": #Your VCID here
    print "Found component with VCID:", c.VCID, "-", c.Name

Hi Este

Sorry for the late reply

I want to make sure that the file is placed in the “C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\Visual Components\4.6\My Commands”?

If I drag the.py file directly to the VC window and release it, I get the following error message. I hope you can help me correct, because I am a novice

Looking forward to your reply


The example I sent was from the python script inside a component. If you have VC professional/Premium, you can add a python script as a component behavior and paste your python code inside that script.
A good place to learn component scripting is the Academy. Take a look at the first lesson of this course for the basics: Basics of Python Scripting | Visual Components Academy

If you want the code to be in an addon format instead (not in a specific component), you can check the tutorials or the help file on how to create python addons.
One good source for such information is the Help file, which has a simple template for a python addon.