Human Working on AGV

Hello Experts,

I am trying to make AGV loop,

Step 1: AGV should move to “LayerStacking_1” where some parts are loaded on to it by worker.
Step 2: The same AGV from step 1 should carry the processed part in step1 to Step 2 i.e.,“LayerStacking_2”. When step 2 is happening the second AGV should move to step 1 from idle position.
After this the first AGV from “LayerStacking_2” should move to “LayerStacking_3”
and second AGV should move from “LayerStacking_1” to “LayerStacking_2”.
This continuous until the end of the line and once the parts are sinked the AGV returns back to the beginning.

Please help me with this, i have been trying this for 2 days but no good luck. I saw mission control videos in YouTube and tried and also, I tried but reserving the resources at each process node, yet nothing worked.

Example_AGV_2.vcmx (331.4 KB)