Human Walking Pathway


I am new to the visual components software and am currently using it to simulate a factory layout. I am facing a problem in using the works human. Is there a way to control or assign walk paths to the humans?

Once i assigned a task to the works human, it will only walk in the shortest distance, and end up walking across all the tables and conveyors that I have placed. I tried using the works pathway lane but I am unsure on how to direct the human to follow the pathway.

Can somebody tell me how to use it correctly? Thanks in advance.



Human-Pathway.avi (2.05 MB)

Hi yeelaine and welcome to the forum,

have you enabled Patfhinding in the Human (under Optimization tab in Property panel)?

Consult this guide and read the Description of PathFinder in eCatalog (right click -> View Metadata) for more details: