Human walk path


I want to simulate a human carry the object from one place to anther higher place and operating, I tried to adjust position form ‘WorksHuman>Behaviors>Animation>servomove’ but the WorksHuman can’t walked smoothly at the slope, how can I solve this problem?

Not sure, but try to use Works Location components, one at bottom of slope and another at top of slope with the right angle. You might need to create a Human Process for walking up the slope to the top Works Location, so from there onto the workstation. Interested to see if you can get it to work.

I tried to use two different height Works Locations, but it unchanged the human walking height anymore. :frowning:


you have to use seperate Works pathways for the different levels and the slope area.

Hello Ralle,It’s so cool but I tried failed…

Could you upload this layout?

Hello BaiYang,

enclosed you will find the small demo layout. It is important to check the Pathfinding property in the WorksHumanResource in the tab Optimization.

WorksBasicLayout.vcmx (4.76 MB)

Thank you Ralle,

it’s very nice!

I’m using VC4.0 but I just find the WorksHuman component,don’t find the WorksHumanResource component…

Is it only in VC4.1?


The Works library was reworked in 4.1 - so the WorksHumanResource is only available in the eCat of 4.1. But it should also work in 4.0.

In 4.0 you can also use the LaborResource component.

Yes, it also work normally in 4.0.

The LaborResource also OK.

Thank you very much, Ralle.

Thanks Ralle!

I have tried the Works Human Resource, it literally used.

But when the Works Human Resource walks down the slope, it looks a little creepy.

I tried WorksHuman and set the target.Z from Brains program, I think it performs better.


I use Visual Components V 4.1.

I tried to change the direction of the human resource movement, and then it gives an error “Error in component Works Human Resource, No Pathfinder component found. Add ‘Works Resource Pathfinder’ into the 3D World”.

Is there anybody who can help how to Add ‘Works Resource Pathfinder’ into the 3D World?