Human trsnaport controller

Ive made a post about this before but i just cant figure out how to make the human worker work. All i need him to do is pick up the pallet where the fanuc drops it (red), carry it to his desk (green), work on it for a few seconds and then to drop it back where the fanuc picks it up and puts it back on the conveyor. The fanuc does its job fine and there are 2 different pallets coming one after the other. I need the worker to do the same for both of them. Ive also attached my file,
new.vcmx (5.3 MB)
please if someone can help me out with this

Hi, I would give the same answer as you got in your last post. The workers works with Process Modelling, so you need Process nodes where Otto takes the product, place it to work on it and put it back.

But you can only do it with dynamics components created by a Feeder Process or Feeder.

you mean that there is no way to do it with a pallet that ive modeled myself?

you can define the geometry you want as Product. You could have several Feeder at different places producing different products or do it in just one Process.
I did a quick example of how it would work. You could of course choose your own Program in the Transport links or in the Work statements
new_v2.vcmx (5.5 MB)

Here are some informations on how to use your programs with a Robot Transport Controller : Robot Transport Controller Manual | Visual Components Academy
And if you also want to use your program to pick and place the products, you could follow or adapt this method: Record and Execute Robot Program in Process Modeling | Visual Components Academy

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