Human transport Controller order

hello everyone this is an issue i have struggled with in every line I have worked on.

Basically my issue is with the human transport controller he goes where ever he wants to. there is really no order on how he loads parts into different processes even if they are far apart.

let me try to illustrate the issue lets say I have 2 stations. each station is waiting for operator to load 5 parts. and eachstation has its own process executor with 5 transport in statements.

the stations are 5 meters apart and what ends up happening is the operator ends up walking back and forward between the stations.

so loads one part in first station. walks all the way to the other station and loads one part there. then walks all the way back to the other station and loads one part there.

and goes on like this obviously this is super inefficient what he should do is load all 5 parts in one station. then move on to the next station and load the 5 parts there.

I have manage to get this running in some lines using boolean properties as latches and signals to create some logic to control the steps of the operator. but it gets extremely messy especially once I start adding in unload sequences and turntables and roll up doors.

so I’m wondering if there is an easy way to achieve ordered loading by an operator in visual components. Thanks

This is at least the first aspect of a problem. If you are transporting products in one by one, the human transport controller doesn’t ever get information that you would want 5 products in this process, it only sees 1 request at a time.

I don’t know how the human transport controller currently prioritizes requests, but it could help if you used e.g. StartTransportIn or process requirements to make all those product requests at once.

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In works library i fixed this issue with adding a delay for 1 sec after human does its requested job in human’s python code.
So what that 1 sec does is, it basicly creates a gap in decision making. Because when there isnt any delay it doesnt even notices there is a new job next to it. So if it checks for nearest jobs after 1 sec of thinking it finds the right job to go.

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Thanks @TSy I am using process requirements at the moment however there are times when the process requirements overlap and two processes get the go ahead at the same time. so I need to add more signals or properties and it gets super messy. I need to learn how to use the start transport in statement.

@ozan wow that is a really cool workaround solution. it makes sense. not sure if it will work with process humans. but really cool stuff.

as a side question is there a python API for humans like there is for robots.

like the VCRobotHelper2 library or whatever you call it. or not really? I was looking for it but didn’t find it.