Human to "goHome" after placing a part on the conveyor

Hi, I’m new here.

I tried to simulate human to do the palletizing process but the human do not go back to the picking place immediate after placing the component down. It waits for the component to send down the line before moving there to pick up the part.

As attached is the vcmx file. The human of interest is on the far right.


firstdraftqn.vcmx (1.37 MB)

I haven’t opened the layout, but if you want the Human to go back there, add a HumanProcess task after your Feed task. After the human completes the Feed and corresponding Need task, the human is available, so just tell the worker what to do.

Another option is to use an Idle Position component where the human will go when not doing anything.

For option 1: I’m aware of HumanProcess under Task but I’m not sure how to command the human to go back.

Task: HumanProcess
ProcessTime: ?

How do you define the human to go back? teach location?

For option 2: For Idle Position component

I tried to put in the middle of the layout. Ran the simulation and found that all human resources will step onto Idle Position component.

How do I assigned a unique human resource to that particular Idle Position component?

As attached is the simulation for Idle Position component


IdlePosition.vcmx (1.73 MB)

Task: HumanProcess
ProcessTime: duration of process in seconds
TaskName:name used to refer to this task. that name would then be added to the Tasklist of a human. The human, by default, would go to the ResourceLocation of a Works Process. You can, however, add a Labor Resource Location component, and add the TaskName to its ProcessTasks property list. That is, human’s Tasklist has the TaskName, and the Labor Resource Location ProcessTasks property list would have the TaskName as well. So any human executing that task would go to the Labor Resource Location.
ToolName: name of component you want the human to use as a tool, can be left blank.


If I remember, either a human or the idle position has a property that defines what humans go there. by default, all of the humans and idle positions will refer to the default name, which is why all the humans go there.

(Refer to diagram below)

Option 1: Use HumanProcess, I’m able to get the intended result, the human go back to #10 after placing parts at #14, but I added a Delay task at #10 to prevent the human prematurely went back to #10 after placing a part in the furnace.

#10 work process component

#13 work process component - Furnace

#14 work process component

Option 2: Labor resource component

I added goHome function to the ProcessTasks and it works as intended.

As a side qn: what is the purpose of the PickTasks and PlaceTasks above the ProcessTasks in labor resource component?

Option 3: Idle Position component

This is the tricky one.

When I put ‘Works Human Resource #4’ under “Name”, “BOM Description”, “BOM Name”, it doesn’t work. How do I assigned this human to this Idle position?

Although option 1 and 2 did the job, I find option 3 is the better and elegant method for my layout.



PickTasks and PlaceTasks refer to the locations where a human has to go to pick or place a component. For example, a Feed task is done to complete a Need task. A Feed task will have a pickup location. A Need task will have a drop-off location. Generally, those locations are defined locally by the ResourceLocation of a Works Process component. So if the TaskName of a Feed task is “bubbles”, you can use a Labor Resource Location:PickTasks property to make the human go there by referring to “bubbles”. Likewise, that Feed task is done for a Need, so another Labor Resource Location could be moved somewhere else have its PlaceTasks property refer to “bubbles”. A human cannot do Pick and Place tasks listed in a Works Process component, so refer to the TaskName of a Feed task when using Labor Resource Locations.

In the Works Human Resource, there is an IdlePositionFilter property. This is used to define what IdlePosition a human can use and go to when it has nothing to do. So the assignment is done using that property in the human.

Thank you for the detailed explanation for the PickTask and PlaceTask.

Regarding IdlePosition;
(See image attached below)

I have removed IdlePosition under IdlePositionFilter in Human #1, #2 and #3. However they’re still coming into the IdlePosition component.

Dude, it’s a filter. If the filter is empty they will go to any IdlePosition. If name in filter does not exist in layout or is at full capacity, they will not go there. An IdlePosition component has a Capacity proprety, so if its 0 no human goes there.