human resserver


is it possible to assign more than one worksprocess to a human? It doesn’t work if I seperate them by a comma in the “reserver” box.


I don’t think so. What’s your use case?

I have one human who works at two or more different works processes. And I have different human who do the same things but at different works processes. And when I use a need task the human sometimes go to the wrong works process.

Could you use different task names between the operators. Set in Tasklist property of the human e.g. “human1” and use in the feed task of the works process component the task that points to the correct operator.

This is not a direct answer to your question but might solve the case.

That’s the way how I solved the problem. But it’s not a nice way, because I also have to give the components different names, because the need task doesn’t belong to a specific human and so I have to Teach the location for all the works processes.

Oh, that’s true. We’ll take this as an development request for the works component library. Thanks for your input.

One detail that may help in Your case is that if You have professional or premium version in use (=access to teach tab), all locations are saved as Frame features under “MW_LocationFrames” transform feature. These can be copied from component to component.

If You are using Essentials, one workflow is that locate all parts in an assembly to correct locations, including different name variations and use “TeachLocation” feature in Works Process component to all parts and variations in one click.

Hope this helps.