Human resource not working


I have four human resources highlighted in the yellow box that do not do what they suppose to do, as shown in the flow process steps. Please see the images below.

I have followed the engine assembly layout, and I followed it but still have not succeeded. Can someone direct me please or explain to me what is wrong?

You seem to have “ShelfBuffer” twice in the process flow sequence. That will not work in VC 4.4 at least as the products will just loop there forever.

Hi TSy

I am having VC 4.3. I have two process steps:
1- one human to collect laptops from feeder to buffer.
2- Other 4 humans to collect laptops from buffer shelves and perform boxing assembly before it is sinked.

How can I create the above two steps in the processing flow?

Many thanks

So they can just always go through the buffer only once and don’t need to return to the buffer?
Just delete one of the ShelfBuffer steps from the flow as there is no need to transfer from buffer to buffer.

You can control which humans do the steps 1 and 2 by assigning the 2 human transport controllers to appropriate transport links and the human resources to the transport controllers.

In your second screenshot I’m not sure which flow group is selected, but you need to define transport links for each flow group separately. Otherwise no products of that flow group can get transported between processes.