Human poses and pathfinder

I am trying to make my human work in a more realistic manner. However, I cant find any documentation on how to adjust the poses of the human.
I found a topic on here but the human model seems to be customised and not the latest model from the library.
I am also looking at how to use the human path finder methods but I cant find any documentation in the library for pathfinder.
How can I determine how a human model picks up and places a part?
Sometimes its 2 handed and sometimes 1 handed.
What determines this? Is it worked out the size of the bounding box for example?

Are the pick locations determined relative to the bounding boxes and the frames of the hands?

Documentation on path finding and human are under construction now as we speak. But in short:

-Human carries small objects with one hand if part diameter is ~<150mm

-2 hands in bigger objects

-Human pick automatically from bottom sides of the object bounding box (positive X-side)

-If part has frame “HumanLeftHand” and/or “HumanRightHand”, hands are moved to those positions

-When human is carrying part, You can move the part to desired location, go to Human>Pose>Update (click). This updates hand locations to match the moved part. Then click Human>Pose>TeachCarryLocation. Now parts with this ProdID will be carried using this new location. Mechanism is same than in Works Process > TeachLocation.

Hope this helps. If You need examples, let us know.

The hand frame is a great help thanks.

But the human stills the part too close to the body so the arm is going through the torso. Is the a way to modify that?

Hello, can you make a case video and send it to me? Thank you very much