Human pick up multiple objects

Hi. I want a human to pick up a stack of objects, carry them to another place and then place them in a pattern.
If I use merge/split then it seems I need a tray to carry them on as the human does not place split the last part.
For example if I use a tray (which I don’t want to) then the tray remains after I have put the products into a pattern.
How I don’t want to do this. I want only to pick up the stack of parts then place them in a pattern. If I merge that stack of parts the bottom part remains and out of 6, only 5 are place in the pattern.

One solution is that use additional Works Process as “table” (or other surface like in real life) to where human drops the whole stack of products. Then split parts in that Works Process and feed those to pattern (in another Works Process).

You can use first part as parent for other parts. In this way, You don’t need “Tray”-component. Just “split” and “feed -all”.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the reply.

That’s how I have done it but it looks unrealistic as I have a stack of parts floating in the air in effect.

I used a dummy component the same size as my stack components in the end to merge to and made it 0.1mm thick and transparent so you cant see it.

When I used the lowest part to merge to, it didn’t include it in the split so I was 1 part short and 1 left floating in the air. Maybe I didn’t use feed all so I will give that a try.