Human Grasping Two Objects

Hi. I would like a human to grasp and move two components/products from a conveyor to a process point, instead of one component/product. The products will be side by side. Is this achieved easily and how could I do it?

If the products don’t have to be separate, you could attach one object to another. Then you can command the operator to only grasp the ‘parent’ object, and the child object will also be picked since it is attached.

Alternatively, the Process Modeling resources have parameter to set the carrying capacity, so you could use that if you can get the two products to the source process at the same time.

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Thats great thanks. I tried attaching the product to another product but because they were queued up, the process node could only detect one product. I just don’t want any products going inside of other products but i’ll try these methods anyway

You could also try to use the XYZ Bundler Conveyor or the Bundler Point components from eCatalog to attach the parts to bundles before the process.

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If these 2 objects are already side by side on the conveyor, and the human transports them together, just create a product that has the geometry(object 1+ object 2) you want.

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