How to use the wizard menu to create compoent

Please tell me.How to use the wizard menu to compoent?Such as ActionScript and IO-controller.Can you provide me with the guidance document to use?What else needs to be set after using the wizard?What needs to be checked to use it correctly?

When I try to use it.I’ve built a simple linear motion joint. I click ActionScrirpt and IO-controller on the wizard menu,when I clicked on the simulation, there was no response and the model did not move.

These videos on our Academy site could help. I would recommend watching the entire videos.

See item 6 from the table of content.

See item 40 on the table of content.

And one last thing. Please remember to create threads under relevant topics. You created a thread under .NET Addon Programming and your question has nothing to do with .NET but component modeling.