How to use several AGVs with different onboard load/unload assistants in the same flow?

How can several AGVs with onboard load/unload assistant, e.g. UR5 robot, be used in the same transportation flow? Every AGV has its own unique Robot controller and Robot onboard but only one of them can be chosen in the Properties of the specific Flow - LoadAssist / UnloadAssist.

Does any one know how to come around this with an Essentials license?

Obstacle Detection and Pathway Area_start-MJ-0.1.vcmx (1.4 MB)

You could try creating multiple overlapping transport links, one for each transport controller (called “Implementer” in the transport link properties) if you have more than one.

I have tried with two transport links and one transport controller for each AGV but I don’t get it to work.
I guess the created flow from the Feeder needs to be somehow divided/distributed then over the two transport links via the From conveyor but I don’t know how to do that (I am new to VC.). Otherwise it seems like all the product flow goes to only one of the transport links.

This has been solved.
I have learned from the Support team that in this case there is no need of the Robot Controller. The UR5 robots can be put directly on to the AGVs and pick up and drop of loads. So then there is no need of the Load-/UnloadAssist functionality in this case and it works fine without it.