How to use python


I am looking to learn programming in VC, I have a little experience with python currently I am trying to do custom movements on robots. Is it necessary to learn python more in depth or how can I learn it.

Thank You

When I started with VC I couldn’t program at all.

I first learned myself python with online tutorial (let’s say a month) before using Python in VC.
From my own experience, I can say that it would be very wise if you first learn python.

A basic understanding helps a lot if you run into some bugs and Python is also very helpful outside of VC you can use for a lot of different stuff too.



You can start working with VC’s Python API even though you have only little experience in python. Just start small like trying to change a component’s color with a script. Robot programming is a bit more difficult as there are many robot related classes in the API and you need to know some robot basics such as matrices, configurations etc. But do give it a shot!

I wasn’t good at programming either when I started scripting with old 2014 version. When I started and even today there are two major sources of information that I rely on. First one is the VC Python API Reference guide that is available on the help file of the application. Second source is the Python documentation ( and there you can find general stuff regarding python language. For beginners I suggest to visit VC’s Youtube channel where there is a series of python example videos. Link to Python API playlist on that channel is here:


For learning VC Python API, refer to the learning pathway on page 2 of this lesson.