How to use a Works Pathway Lifter

Link to video on YouTube.

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Layout used in video is attached.

How-to-use-a-Lifter.vcmx (2.54 MB)

@zesty I have tried use the Works Pathway Lifter,but I finded two problems.

First: The lifter have a property named “Lifter”, which can define the static location of the lifter.But the range about the property’s value is only from 1 to 9999.It’s really not enough.what can I do to avoid the problem?

Second:The lifter only can raise to 4000 m,why? If I want make the lifter raise to 8000,what should I do?

I didn’t model the component, but I can help.

First Problem

Lifter is the joint, so it has a min and max limit. Be aware that a joint will be displayed as a component property in the default tab. Note that assigning a value to property outside its limit is not allowed.

A servo controller can drive the joint outside its limit if you turn off stop at limits in Program tab. In Modeling tab, just change the limit to what you want or to no limit at all drinks mountain dew and snowboards off cliff.

It is the joint of the LiftBasket node in the component.

Second Problem

8000m?! You going to Everest? Wanna do K2 and get extreme?

Regardless, if I put my pathway and works station at 8000m and position level 2 at 8000m, the simulation doesn’t throw an error. I think if you want to manually go to 8000m then you will need to modify the Lifter joint limit. Otherwise, things should be fine. You might need some oxygen and few nuts and berries for the trip, but 8000m is possible. Probably need a killer playlist though since in the attached layout the worker reaches 8000m at 7 : 24 : 59.13 (hours/minutes/seconds).

Mount-Everest-Sherpa-on-Fleek.vcmx (2.12 MB)

@zesty Thank you very much!

I have solved these problem.

I didn’t make the second question clear.What I want to express is that Resource cannot go above the third floor.After modifying the code, this problem is solved

@zesty i don’t know why mu mir500 not move to lifter plz tell me thx.,

BPC-Sim-test-function.vcmx (8.77 MB)

@ zesty i found problem if you use mir agv please select optimization and click pathfinding plz see picture