How to transport part from one node to another?

This is a modified version of the layout Assembly-Pallet recycling. I am having trouble transporting an assembly created in “Feeder” to “Loading and unloading”. What am I doing wrong?

The following is the output:
Process Node::ProcessExecutor__HIDE__::Feeder::Transport Out error: Failed to determine the next process group for the Product.

ModifiedPalletRecycler.vcmx (2.0 MB)
Here is the file if anyone is interested.

For products to move in process modelling, they must have valid transport links, flow steps, and a Transport In/Out match.

  1. You need to add the flow steps (Feeder → Loading and unloading) for the pallet flow group
  2. Change the Source for Transport In command in the Loading and Unloading process from Container to From Previous Process

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Thanks a lot, this has been boggling my head for some time.