How to sync robot with works process


I found that the command of sync is effective between works process component. But it will report an error such as ““Works_TaskControl::SyncScript”, line 34, in someSynced”, when syncing with other robots.

So, is there anyway to model the Wors_TaskControl or Works process to solve it ?


Hi yelan123,

You may be wrong with sync_message,especially the referenced WP name.

Entitled_sync_test.vcmx (2.87 MB)

It’s not possible to sync with a resource such as the Works Robot Controller. Sync task is designed for process intercommunication.

But you can control robots from a process with the RobotProcess Task and that is your way of getting around.


Just type correct tasks to each robot controller’s Tasklist and create corresponding subprogram/routine in the Programming tab.

See the attachment!

Works-Sync-with-Robots.vcmx (322 KB)

Ok, I see,thanks!