How to simulate this kind of robot?mecanum+robot?

hello,this kind of robot is used for stacking many many boxes,but how to model and simulate it?When it can’t reach the position to stack, it needs to move laterally a bit…
is it necessary to creat a pyscript to simulate this robot?thx!

So it uses omni-directional wheels?

You could import the CAD file, and then put its geometry in a generic AGV, and then save it as new component. From there, you need to create the kinematics and links along with the needed paths for moving the boxes. Next, you need to make decision to use Works library or Process Modeling, and then modify the scripts to affect what the robot does for transporting in and transporting out boxes. You can think of it as AGV with an attached robot arm more or less, so should not be too difficult. Best to get help from support.

OK,but my VC version is 4.1that I can‘t use Process Modeling,and then I have not learned more about pyscript in VC,I want to find a easier way to solve this problem…
Thanks for your help!