How to simulate furnace door opening?

I’m new to this software and I might give myself a little too difficult task to do for the beginning.
Can someone please give me some instructions on how to simulate the opening and closing of doors of the furnace? Please see the file: furnace.vcmx (41.0 KB)
The doors should open (and close) like this: 3D peč|video

I thought it is a similar movement as described in this tutorial: Model a Gripper - Part 1 | Visual Components Academy, but I investigated and I think I don’t have an option to do a rotation of a particular joint.

Thank you very much! Luka

The solution is very simple. I found it in this video: Model a Workpiece Positioner | Visual Components Academy
First, two links are created for the top and bottom “rails”. Then, one joint is set to rotational, and the other to a rotational follower. The point of rotation is set with the snap tool for both “rails”.
I just have to still find out what to do to make the door follow the “rails”.