How to setup Joints actuator

Hi there,

Im using KUKA.Sim pro 3.0.5 and I have some questions about joints.

This is probably not that complicated, but I kind of fail to sort it out :frowning:
I want a cylinder piston do actuate a frame, that has its own pivot point. (see picture bellow to clearify).

What I want to achieve is by interacting the cylinder pistion as a translational joint, I “push” the attached assambly(blue marked) which has its own rotational joint. I have no problem to setup each joints, the rotational joint for the assambly that is to be actuated by the cylinder, and the translational joint for the cylinder itself.

My problem arrives when I want to “connect” those two moving parts in a way that the cylinder actuates the attached assambly around its own pivot point. How do I get the assambly to rotate around its pivot point, by actuating the translational joint of the cylinder?

Thanks for your time//


There is no constraint solver so you’ll need to do the math yourself using joint value expressions. If your piston is the driving joint, you’ll need to come up with a formula for the value of each of the rotational joints based on the current value of the piston’s joint.
You can see examples of such joint expressions in the robot models with kinematic loops from the eCat library.

Okey, Thanks for the help. :slight_smile: