How to set the rotating and down press cylinder action?

In picture “Rotate_Move”, there is a rotating and down press cylinder, but the JointType only has rotate or move, how can I make the cylinder both rotate and move?
I’ve seen the training videos, but it’s not the same as my situation. Thanks.

Model it as two links / joints or use a “Custom” joint type.

@bluegg move by drag&drop your “Link_2” under “Link_1” and than you can move both at the same time. As I see this is a normal swivel clamp, it needs to have translation and then under translation one additional rotation.

Hi TSy,
I tried to create two Link to the same moving part.
But when creating the second Link, the part bound to the first connection disappears.
Although the two Link JointTypes are different, the two movements are the same when in motion.RotationCylinder.vcmx (542.3 KB)

RotationCylinder.vcmx (563.5 KB)

Try could this help you or bring you to the final solution.

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Hi AP_SuH,
Thank you very much, it solved my problem.

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