How to reset the input value after it becomes to "True"

For example, when the input port’s value is true, Robot starts do some actions, do I need manually reset the value to false for the next loop?


The wait input statement has an option whether to wait for a signal or just accept an “existing” value.
In VC signals can be signalled with same value again and again, and generally any associated logic isn’t using rising / falling edge detection.

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Thank you for your reply!

I have 2 follow up questions:

  1. Can replace the “wait” statement by “if IN[5] == True” ? Does the expression “IN[5] == True” evaluate the signal value last received?

  2. Can I manually change “IN[5]”'s value in python script?

Thank you!

1: Yes
2: Yes, you will need to first find the connected signal from the vcBooleanSignalMap behavior and then use vcSignal.signal() method to send signal with new value.

And the input and output signal maps are associated to the robot executor behavior, but it is easier to get those using the vcHelpers.Robot2.

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