How to render a component with such a texture

hello, i want to render a wood-like component, how can i do it?

  1. Create a material using that png file.
  2. Assign that material to your feature or component.
  3. Go to Modeling/Tools/Mapping ang arrange how your texture mapping will be.

This is how i do it but probably there is a better way for it.

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Hi ozan, thank you for your reply. it doesn’t work. can you create a demo vcmx file to me ,thank you .

You also need to increase bump level in your material

Material.vcmx (1.7 MB)

Oh i got it.
You need to add texture in your material. Check this one.

Material.vcmx (1.5 MB)

It works. Thank you ozan. i like you , haha

You’r welcome:) …

Hy @ozan ,

when I open your file it looks like this?!
Is that normal?

Thx & Regards