How to realize the grabbing function of a new pusher?

I created a new pusher and I want to implement its grabbing or pushing should I set it up?

data simu.vcmx (5.3 MB)

I have the same problem. How do components grasp objects without robot.

I usually use my own component cause normal components dont have basic function for grab, it has to be written through python script,sensors,signals and component containers.

Grab_comp.vcmx (9.2 KB)

Here is my component that i use. Usage is simple as i think.

  1. Attach to a component which could pick parts
  2. Setup picking sensor for right position
  3. Attach trigger signal when to attach and detach to this component

This should be all.
If you have questions just ask, i hope i can help.


I tried using your component and it works, although I don’t understand how:thinking:, thanks