How to pick up pallet with forklift

Hi, I have a model. After depalletizing, the pallet becomes empty and I want a forklift to pick up the empty pallet and drop it to the pathway area #2. I can’t figure it out. I have 2 forklifts in the model. For now I just want to remove empty pallet with 1 forklift. Later, I will feed in full pallet with the second forklift.

Production_Line.vcmx (4.0 MB)

When using the Works library, use TransportIn and TransportOut when parts are moving on conveyors, and Feed / Need when you want to use other resources like robots and forklifts.

Now there was a small mistake in Works Process #14. You need to replace the Need command with Transport in command.

If possible, I would recommend using Process Modeling instead of the Works library. In most cases, it is easier and faster to use.

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Thank you. The next stage of my process is to remove the bottles from the crate with a robot. I am using a default crate with bottles from Product and Containers. can I split the bottles from the crate, or how can I do it?

I think if you detach boxes from pallet, or bottles from box, the process should be the same.

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From what I can see, it will work if you have a bottle and a crate as 2 different parts in the 3D environment. But if you have a “crate” filled with bottles by default as 1 part, I think you can’t split an unknown part “bottle” in the work process.